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We Are Classic BMW 502 Buyer:

We love the classic BMW 502. That’s why we’re always looking to buy your classic BMW, in any condition! Whether it’s fully restored or a little banged up, we’re interested in buying! Interested in finding your car’s value? Do you have a classic BMW 502 in storage? How about a fully restored BMW 502? Give us a call today. Not only do we offer top-dollar pricing, but we’ll also pay the finder’s fee, making the selling process easy and enjoyable. Do you know somebody with a BMW 502 that they are looking to sell? Point them in the direction of Gullwing Motors, New York’s leading BMW 502 buyer! From the BMW 327 to the BMW 3.0, and everything in between, we’ll buy! 
The 501 and the 502, the first large post-war BMW sedans, had the unfortunate distinction of being nicknamed the "Bavarian baroque angels", although the rounded lines of these magnificent powerful cars were extremely well proportioned and, in aerodynamic terms, created relatively little turbulence. The BMW 502 entered the annals of automotive history with its status of being the first German eight-cylinder car of the postwar era. It was based on the strong box-section frame with the tubular cross beams of the 501, welded to the solid steel body. The main visual difference from the 501 was the larger panoramic rear window.

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Get Free Appraisal. Top Dollar Paid. Finder's Fee Paid.