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We Are Classic BMW 700 Buyer:

We love classic BMW 700. That’s why we’re always looking to buy your classic BMW 700, in any condition! Whether it’s fully restored or a little banged up, we’re interested in buying! Interested in finding your car’s value? Do you have a classic BMW 2800 in storage? How about a fully-restored BMW 700? Give us a call today. Not only do we offer top-dollar pricing, but we’ll pay the finder’s fee, making the selling process easy and enjoyable. Do you know somebody with a BMW 700 that they are looking to sell? Point them in the direction of Gullwing Motors, New York’s leading BMW 700 buyer! 
The BMW 700 made its debut in 1959 at the Frankfurt Motor Show as a coupe & a two door sedan. It caused a sensation and volume production was implemented immediately. The sedan, a value-for-money car designed for use by anyone, achieved a sales total which surpassed 60,000 units in the period of 1959-62. Out of almost 30,000 coupes there were 9436 sport and CS versions alone. The combination of a pleasing interior an effective dash board layout with a 2-spoke steering wheel offering a good grip, a sporty gearshift, quality seats, and a tasteful exterior made this car a hit with customers. Great road holding, 75 MPH top speed and reasonable fuel consumption were all contributing factors to its sales success. In three years some 92,416 LS sedans, in addition to 1730 LS coupes, were built.

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To Sell Your Classic BMW 700 In Any Condition, Any Location in the USA

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Get Free Appraisal. Top Dollar Paid. Finder's Fee Paid.