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For many collectors, the Ford Mustang is a quintessential addition to any growing collection of automobiles. When you see one driving down the street, you just know it’s a Mustang by its racing stallion grill logo and coupe design. The classic Ford Thunderbird embraced all 50s and 60s stylings with elegant tailfins, a powerful engine, and chic chrome details. Whether you have a mint-conditioned vehicle or one that’s a little worse for wear, we are always looking for a good Ford Mustang for sale. Pioneers of the car industry with the Model T, Henry Ford made the first automobile that was affordable and accessible to all. All classic Fords are highly collectible, but his later creations are the most sought-after and what we here at Gullwing Motor Cars are always looking for. If you’re looking to sell, we are willing to pay top-dollar pricing along with the finder’s fee for various classic fords for sale. Be sure to give us a call to find the value of your classic Ford Thunderbird or Mustang!
In a 2013 article, Forbes said that Ford is "the most important industrial company in the history of the United States." Ford was founded by Henry Ford in 1903 after his first company, The Henry Ford Company, became Cadillac in 1902. The first few years of Ford are unremarkable. They made basic cars in the same fashion as anyone else at the time did: three people were assigned to hand-build the car from start to finish. As history will tell, Henry Ford made a big change in the way cars were produced. He introduced the world to the moving assembly line which allowed a car to start at the beginning of the factory and slowly make its way to the other end all the while different parts of the car were being assembled along the way. This idea sped up the production of cars exponentially and the prices of cars were drawn down significantly. This opened a whole new market in the middle class. Other breakthroughs include the introduction of the inexpensive V8, which brought the muscle car and hot rods. And a removable cylinder head, allowing cars to be easier to work on.

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