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We Are Triumph Buyers: We constantly want to Buy Classic Triumph in any condition. If you have a Triumph for sale and want to know what your car is worth, we can guide you to find its value. Helping you sell your Triumph will be our priority. If you know anyone amongst your friends, family, or in your neighborhood who owns any old or classic Triumph then please contact Peter Kumar. We purchase classic Triumph whether it has been parked inside a garage for a long time or out in a barn. If you want to either find out its value or are looking to Sell Triumph then please give us a call. We make Selling Triumph simple and easy. We gladly pay the finder’s fee if you find us Triumph in any condition. Our team is always chasing to buy Triumph project cars, barn finds or completely restored cars. We have over 30 years of experience in the classic car industry. Our prestigious reputation is world-renowned. The Gullwing Motor Cars team will make the process very simple and easy for you. We buy classic cars from any location in the US and are just a phone call away. Peter Kumar, the president of Gullwing Motor Cars will be looking forward to hearing from you; provide us a chance to do business with you! Your satisfaction is our top priority. We Buy Triumph in any condition from mint condition to project cars, needing restoration, and barn finds.

Triumph started life like a lot of early automobile companies; making bicycles. They were founded in 1885 and didn't become Triumph Motor Cars until 1930. Triumph wanted to build cars that were different from the trend of inexpensive vehicles of the time. Their first models, the Southern Cross and the Gloria, were designed by Coventry Climax but had Triumph engines. They were built to be sold upmarket and were fairly successful before World War II. After the war, however, they were purchased by Standard Motor Company. They were relegated to making sports cars while Standard handled Saloons. This now famous line of sports cars was called the TR series. The Triumph name became so successful that Standard thought it would be in the company’s best interest to rename their saloon car the Triumph Herald. Standard-Triumph was later purchased by British-Leyland which was famously mismanaged and resulted in the decline of the make, Triumph today is known mainly for their TR series of cars and continues to have ungarnered support by British motor sporting enthusiasts.

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To Sell Your Classic Triumph In Any Condition, Any Location in the USA

Call Peter Kumar 800-452-9910
Get Free Appraisal. Top Dollar Paid. Finder's Fee Paid.