Do you want to learn more about selling your antique cars to Gullwing Motors? We have put together some great testimonials that are sure to help you make up your mind. It doesnt matter if you are a collector who is looking to sell a handful of your vehicles or you are the original owner of an older vehicle, our business is interested in working with you. We are happy to purchase vehicles that are in perfect shape, as well as vehicles that need a little work.
When you sell your classic car to us, we are happy to pick up your vehicle from any location. We always offer quick payments and even pay finders fees for people that help us find certain cars. All you have to do is contact our business and we will start the process. As one of the top companies in the country offering classic European cars for sale, as well as American classics, you can rest assured that we will give you top dollar for your vehicle.

Larry               Peter Kumar is a gem in the auto biz

Peter Kumar is a gem in the auto business a rarity. He really cares about his customers. He bought my Dad's Jaguar after he passed away but had been in touch with him for two years. My Dad loved his Jag and Peter was well aware of this. My Dad left me instructions to sell it to Peter. Peter was kind enough to be patient and even went to dinner with my dad on several occasions. Dad just could not part with it. My brother and I knew the Jag needed a new home and Peter provided it.
Ed Palmer        I got a call out of the blue from Peter

I got a call out of the blue from Peter after sending info on the car to Wayne Carini from Chasing Classic Cars. He was very enthusiastic and came to see the car the very next day all the way in FL! We hit it off immediately and after reviewing the car, discussing its rarity, value and history came to an amenable price. Ten minutes later, I had a cashier's check in my hand. I hated to see this car go, but I just knew it was more than I could chew. It was a rough project car, but in its glory, was and will be a gorgeous Ghia 450 SS! Thanks Peter!

dear peter.....my name is carl linfante at oakhurst nj......are you still driving my car?....i recently read the article in hemmings sports and exotic car magazine....you purchased a total of 8 of my cars and my relationship with you was very good....you were a pleasure to deal with and i enjoyed the story of your life.....i hope your success continues for many years.....after my wife died, following 12 yrs of illness with dementia, i was forced to start selling my collection.....we never met but you were a gentleman in every transaction.....i wish i had more to sell....the money would come in handy as always.....if you ever get near my area please call....i'd like to meet the man who helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life....i think of you as a friend....at 80 yrs of age me
Kari        What can I say about Mr

What can I say about Mr. Kumar? Our car had been in our family for 30 years just sitting, not getting the life it deserved. My Mom finally wanted to sell. Though I didnt want to part with this beauty and hoped someday to restore it myself, Mr. Kumar honored the asking price. Seamless transaction, great interaction with staff. I was impressed to actually speak directly to Mr. Kumar, the visionary behind Gullwing Motor Cars. I know my car is in good hands, and Mr. Kumar will bring her back to life. Dont forget my pictures!

        excellent quality and service

Dear Peter! Bill and I enjoyed meeting you yesterday. Of course my husband is sad, that one of his dreams, of being able to restore the 57 Mercedes has evaporated... but I guess, that's life. We just never had the money to do it. Peter, thank you for taking the time to have a quick look at our Gallery. I hope, that your wife will enjoy the beautiful Armani-sculpture).. You are a most graceful and pleasant person... and I certainly am looking forward to meeting your wife, later on this year (when your new house is completed... good luck with that wonderful and exiting adventure)... and seeing you again. If you have any friends, that are looking for excellent quality and service.... I would appreciate the referral.... as you know, it is the only thing that works, people around this area have no use for investment quality things. With best regards, Gudrun G. Bellerrjeau... and William R. Bellerjeau Have a great day, With best regards

Ronald        Just checking to see how much my car was worth, next thing I know it's been sold!

wow, this was quick and easy. i wasn't in the market to sell my car and was thinking about putting some money into it and start driving it again. I put info on webpage late Sunday to see how much my car was worth as i didn't want to spend to much money on it if it was a worthless car. I got a call early Monday with an offer. I did some checking on offer and next thing i know i had money in the bank the next morning just based on my phone conversation with Peter. I believe I got a very fair deal for something that wasn't for sale.

Steve Hetzler
        Highly Satisfied

I could not have asked for a more generous, thoughtful buyer. I could not afford to keep up with the repairs needed by my 1962 Maserati Touring-bodied 3500 and was happy at my age of nearly 74 to turn it over to Peter Kumar to fix tired gauges and sell it to someone else who will treasure it and gradually restore it. The car was in need of painting, new wheels, new tires and other items when I bought it in 1981. Its previous owners were largely undeserving and cheap; I had wanted that car for 11 years before I found 1 -- only 1975 were made like it.

Andrew        Amazing Company!!

We're a dealer in San Francisco (Cars Dawydiak) specializing in air-cooled Porsche's and other classics. Every time we do business with Gullwing it's an absolute pleasure. Peter and his team are extremely professional and knowledgable. They're thurough in closing deals and always complete transactions in a timely manner, no questions asked. I'd recommend them to anyone and they always have a great selection of grade 'A' classics. We look forward to fostering an ongoing business relationship with Gullwing and appreciate their patronage.

Deborah        Efficient and courteous transaction

With one phone call I was able to sell my vehicle. I was hesitant to place an ad in the paper or online as I did not want to deal with people who were just curious and I did not like the idea of someone taking my 50 year old car for a test drive as it did not have power steering and power brakes, which most people today take as a given. When I called, I gave some information and answered some questions. I was asked if I had photographs, which I emailed, and shortly received a call back with an offer, which I accepted. Once I provided additional information, a wire transfer was made to my account and transport was arranged. Very smooth process.

Jon        Honest and professional

I have sold my Alfa Romeo after 14 years of ownership. Dealing with Peter and Debbie took stress out of the transaction. They communicated clearly, were always professional, and everything they said is exactly what they did....and promptly. It has been very reassuring to know how well they have treated us, and we can only assume that this is their standard way of doing business. It is very difficult to find people who do what they say today, and certainly customer service is very difficult to find. If we had 20 more collector cars, we would not hesitate to sell them to Gullwing Motors, nor if we were looking for one, their current stock is absolutely amazing, and we would not hesitate in buying from them as well. Honest people, and easy to deal with....our top recommendation, real professionals.

Vicky        Peter Kumar is man of his words

I inherited Maserati Ghibli and cherished it for several years but cause of my personal issues I had to let it go. I called Peter Kumar From Gullwing Motor, he offered fair market price of my car and made this deal very smooth and simple for me. I got paid within half our and his team picked up my car the next day. I'll recommend Peter Kumar to all who want to sell their car, he is the most knowledgeable person in classic car industry.

Brian        If you don't know who to call, call Gullwing!

My neighbor Fred and I had no idea where to start when he decided to "consider" selling his beloved but neglected Jaguar XKE. Peter Kumar showed up and made a fair, respectable offer to buy the car and to my surprise Fred accepted. With check in hand the Jag was picked up by professional car haulers the next day. Most important, Fred felt positive about the whole transaction. No regrets!

Bruno Raymond - Classic Cabriolets Collection        Awesome Classic Car company.

I've been into Classic cars since 1978. Gullwing motors is a great place, if you want to buy a car you will find the right car for you with proper advices from people who really know Classic cars. Peter Kumar knows them all. And if you want to sell your car, if your car is the right car you will get the right price no matter what the condition is. I bought and sold cars to Gullwing Motor from the 1980's A company you can trust,

Daniel- Milan        Great experience!

I sent Mr. Kumar a few pics of my 69 Porsche 911E and he called me the next morning and made a fair offer without beating around the bush. I had the check in my bank account in two days. I'd had the Porsche for 15 years and asked Mr. Kumar if he'd send me pics of the restoration as I was very attached to the car, and he said he'd see to it. Time will tell. I would certainly recommend calling Gullwing if you're thinking of selling your classic.

Joseph and Babara        Very good experience

We had 1970 MB 280SL to sell and listed it on Craig's list. We we inundated by responses, many visitors and a number of offers. However, some offers came from questionable buyers who, actually, represented buyer/broker of also dubious character. Highest offer came from a no-show on pickup day. P. Kamari responded and made very reasonable offer. Although we initially favored the higher no-show deal, Peter graciously came to see car and offered very good price for car despite all the previous turmoil. Even more importantly, he provided insight into the alleged car buyer tactics which we had experienced. This business is no place for amateurs, which we certainly were. Peter proved fair and trustworthy beyond expectations. Everything he said he would do, he did. Anybody selling a classic car can jump in and think they can deal with the horse traders that show up but will find they were really the one taken for a ride. Looking back, we found that Peter K. was the only person we could trust. I wish I had another classic to sell. I would only sell it to PK regardless of his offer.

Heide        Easy, fast, respectful

My parents had purchased and restored a classic Rolls Royce when I was a little girl; the car was a part of our family! The time has come that my parents are simply too old to continue to drive and maintain such a vehicle. Though we all love the car, no one in our family was in a position to take over ownership. We are a military family, not a "car family," and we were unable to find an independent buyer for such a car. Enter Peter and Gullwing Motors. Peter offered us a fair amount for the car and his office staff helped make the transaction quick and painless. We will miss that beautiful Rolls but are thankful for Gullwing Motors.

FayeRay        Sale of our Car

We couldn't believe how quick and smooth things went. We have been thinking about selling our Porsche, my husband was on his computer filling out a response to Gullwing Motors and within 15 minuets Peter Kumar called and wanted more info. and said he would buy the car. My husband wanted to think about it but the next day talked to Peter and it was a done deal. The money was wired into our bank account the next day. This is all done remote and we are on vacation and told Peter this and he still said he wanted to make things as easy as possible for us. So by that same week Friday the car was picked up, our son met the driver, it was loaded onto the van and our son sent the title to us, we signed it and overnight end it to Peter and it was done. Peter was right, it was very easy, scary easy! But we couldn't be happier with him!

Pinot        Direct and honest, a pleasure

Ask around, who is Peter? And everyone says, a good guy. A fast buyer, and an honest seller. I enjoyed dealing with him and he is a doer. No nonsense. It's my 4th car bought sight unseen. I will be back for more from him. Always enough left on the table to feel safe and cushion the ride to ownership . I rate him a High Five


I was very pleased with the very prompt & pleasant response that I received from Mr. Kumar. He was very fast at setting up the appointment to see the 1937 car I was interested in selling. He came the very next day, was even willing to come that day, but I was not available. He came looked at the car we decided upon a fair price & he gave me a cash deposit on a Saturday. I had set up an appointment for his flat bed service on Monday to come pick up the car. They came with a bank check & took the car away. If you are interested in selling I would most definitely contact him.

Cynthia        The way deals used to be done, Old School..!!!!

My passion for cars started when I was 5 years old, when my father drove up the driveway in a 300SL roadster. Instantly, I dreamed of owning a car just like it someday and put every penny I made in the bank. Then, I started buying and selling European sports cars while I was still in High School in the late 1960s. Then came eBay and things changed. So, let me tell you, doing business with Peter is a relief. No grinding you down on price, he makes his mind up on the first phone call and sends you the check in one hour. No email necessary. It is perfect every time. Thanks Peter! C

Anthony        Buying from Gullwing

I have bought several cars from Gullwing, and continue to do so with confidence. Firstly, decisions are quick as you are dealing with Peter Kumar as the Principal of the Company who understands the value from turning his inventory over quickly. Secondly, the cars are well-described and priced attractively, leaving lots of upside potential. Thirdly, there is no financial risk in the transaction, and administratively (shipping etcetera) Gullwing acts very promptly.

Bob        a great expenence

About 4:00 I was reading a Ferrari magazine and came across the Gullwing Motors ad that said we buy Ferraris and so l called to see what this was all about. Peter came on the phone and I told him I had a 355 for sale and was he interested....he said yes. We talked about the car and I gave him the serial number....in a few minutes he said the report came back clean and asked how much I wanted....I gave him a number (priced to sell). He said ok and would wire the money in about 1 hour. in 1 hour I checked and the money was in my account. I called back and Peter said a truck would be at my house the next morning at 8:00....it was and we said goodbye to the car

Martyn        Very slick operation

Excellent experience. Information was provided as requested and a "deal was done" without hassle despite buying the car "unseen". Still awaiting shipping so can't comment on the whole experience until the car arrives in the UK, but so far very pleased.

Tyler        Easy transaction

I have not yet purchased a car from Peter but have sold three to him now. Peter has made every transaction a very simple one. Monica is exceptionally courteous, prompt, and professional. I would not hesitate to do business with Gullwing Motor Cars again.

Edward        Very professional purveyor of classic cars

Although I have not bought anything from Gullwing and I am based in Europe I enjoy seeing their regular lists and updates of classic cars that they have in stock. I hope one day to make a trip across the pond to see and possibly buy for myself An Austin Healey addict!

Philip        Good cooperation between restorer and supplier.

As America's leading classic Rolls-Royce restorer and seller in the USA (supplying the world) we have had the opportunity to source many sound strong cars from Gullwing as the foundation for restoration and providing high quality examples upon completion. Gullwing have been a pleasure to deal with showing complete professionalism and understanding of what our needs are. Their representations have always been accurate and all transactions have been smooth and without compromise. Highly recommended as we look forward to ongoing business between our companies.

Mark        Great Classic Car Buying Experience

Nothing short of a perfect experience on my multiple car purchase from Gullwing Motors. Bravo to Peter and his incredibly competent staff. Mark


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