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The Auburn Phaeton is the four-door sister to the Auburn Speedster. It uses the same 115 HP flat-head eight-cylinder engine found in the Auburn Speedster. Although the Phaeton is heavier than the Speedster it was still a very quick car in its day. The Phaeton came out around the same time The Great Depression happened. As a result, significant cost-cutting techniques were applied to keep the car as affordable as possible. When designing the car, only the front of the car was re-styled while the rest utilized body panels from other cars.

Auburn Phaeton Buyer: We constantly want to Buy Classic Auburn Phaeton in any condition. If you have an Auburn Phaeton for sale and want to know what your car is worth, we can guide you to find its value. Helping you sell your Auburn Phaeton will be our priority. If you know anyone amongst your friends, family, or in your neighborhood who own any old or classic Auburn Phaeton then please contact Peter Kumar. We purchase classic Auburn Phaeton whether it has been parked inside a garage for a long time or out in a barn. If you want to either find out its value or are looking to Sell Auburn Phaeton then please give us a call. We make Selling Auburn Phaeton simple and easy. We gladly pay the finder’s fee if you find us Auburn Phaeton in any condition. Our team is always chasing to buy Auburn Phaeton project cars, barn finds or completely restored cars. We have over 30 years of experience in the classic car industry. Our prestigious reputation is world-renowned. The Gullwing Motor Cars team will make the process very simple and easy for you. We buy classic cars from any location in the US and are just a phone call away. Peter Kumar, the president of Gullwing Motor Cars will be looking forward to hearing from you; provide us a chance to do business with you! Your satisfaction is our top priority. We Buy Auburn Phaeton in any condition from mint condition to project cars, needing restoration, and barn finds.

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